Specific program for busy women who want to:

New fuel plans, workouts and recipe book released every month. Plus live access to Sally in our private Facebook Group for daily motivation and accountability to help you smash your goals!

Lyndall Martin


Everything is great! I've gotten back into a routine and absolutely loving where I'm at. I no longer focus on weight loss, instead focusing on eating well and exercising and just watching the weight loss occur from better habits!

SBF Challenge Member Sandy


I started this feeling the lowest I have felt in years. I had just had enough and knew I was the only one who could change me. I’m happier now and know that this is a lifelong change not an 8 week change. I’m not throwing all my hard work away. Food has been 90% good with a few little hiccups but that’s all part of the journey. I’m proud of myself and can’t thank the SBF Crew and Sally enough for all the support and encouragement and look forward to the next challenge.​


I'm just so proud of myself for what I have achieved in just 4 weeks. I feel amazing. The best part is that I've balanced out my work and home life and have a better bond with my kids. All this with just healthy eating and exercise! Thank you so much Sally and all the SBF CREW for being my "GO TO" people.

SBF Challenge Member Judy


I really enjoy the SBF workouts, recipes, words of encouragement & just plain niceness. There aren't many nice people left in the world today & although I've never met you in the flesh, I can tell that you're a lovely, caring person with genuine concern.​


12 months ago my anxiety levels were at severe and my depression level was at moderate. I had just had a severe anxiety attack and was diagnosed with hashimotos disease. So I got serious on the SBF Challenge and I have never looked back. I do all workouts at home and the eating plan is so easy everything can be brought from Coles or Woolies and most are one pot wonder meals!!!! I’m not one to shove things down people’s throats but truly I just believe in this so much. It doesn’t happen overnight it’s taken me 12 months but it’s a lifestyle choice and I will continue to live like this forever. I’m so bloody proud of myself.

SBF Challenge Member Erin


Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! The food plan was awesome! Having the macros of each meal took so much work out meal prepping! I also absolutely loved the SBF planner. Overall I lost 3.8kg, and went from 22% to 17% body fat!​


It’s been an absolute game changer for me!! Not just physically, but also mentally. I’m making the most of every minute of every day. Spending time on things that matters and also looking after myself, my health and my family. The convenience of the already planned meals, the exercises at my fingertips and the motivation from Sally every day have changed my life!! I could not thank her and the very encouraging SBF crew enough for being there for me every step of the way!!

SBF Challenge Member Stacey


To say I am happy is an understatement, I have a waist! Waist: 87.5cm to 79cm I'm so glad I put in the effort, but with a few wines in there for good measure! Developing my core strength has made a HUGE difference. Thanks so much to Sally and the SBF CREW.​


The SBF Challenge takes the guess work out of becoming a healthier, happier version of yourself. The online support makes it a fun journey and I just love that the fuel plans are simple and tasty for a busy mum like myself.


Thank you so much for your generous support and the daily positive motivation. I want to say a huge thank you to YOU. This has been the most motivated and consistent I've ever felt. Awesome food. Awesome support. Awesome program = Pretty Awesome Results.

Welcome to the SBF Challenge

The SBF Challenge is a specific 4 week structured plan including everything you need to achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals.

Membership is strictly limited to 200 people. This is so I can personally keep in touch with everyone and members aren’t getting lost in the system. All members are a valuable asset to our SBF CREW. 

A new Challenge starts on the first Monday of every month.


You’ll receive one fuel plan for the month which allows you to cook meals and snacks in bulk and freeze for the entire 4 weeks!


You can choose a minimum of 3 workouts each week from 7 different options that includes HIIT, yoga, strength and core.

Support Network

You'll have access to the SBF CREW FB group, the most supportive online network you’ll ever experience!

Meet some of our members

SBF Challenge - Sally
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My goal isn’t to help millions of women around the world achieve a bikini body.

My goal is to help YOU create a lifestyle that is:

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