48 tips to live a good life

I’ve compiled this list of short quotes as advice for myself on how to live a more successful and purposeful life.

I hope you find some inspiration here too:

  1. Let go of your ego.
  2. Talk more about what you love than what you hate.
  3. Read more.
  4. Compliment people publicly and frequently.
  5. Live according to your values.
  6. Life isn’t fair but it’s still wonderful.
  7. You don’t have to have an opinion on everything.
  8. Strong is always a good option.
  9. Luck comes from hard work.
  10. Your health and happiness is your responsibility.
  11. No task is beneath you.
  12. Work hard, stay humble.
  13. See adversity as an opportunity.
  14. Never, ever, ever quit. Ever!
  15. Be more inclusive. That person is someone else’s child.
  16. Choose your environment wisely.
  17. Complain less, compliment more.
  18. Choose education over entertainment.
  19. Let the monster see you smile.
  20. Some people are investments, some people are bills.
  21. Focus your energy on the solution rather than the problem.
  22. You make the job, it doesn’t make you.
  23. You can’t win if you’re not in the game.
  24. Your goals don’t care how you feel.
  25. The little things really are the big things.
  26. No one is coming to save you.
  27. Don’t forget to sing in the life boats.
  28. The world is full full of suffering, but it is also full of overcoming it.
  29. You become who you spend the most time with.
  30. Pursue what is meaningful.
  31. The odds increase the more you try.
  32. If you give yourself good options you can only make good decisions.
  33. Don’t ever “need” anyone else.
  34. Excuses make today easier but tomorrow harder.
  35. The person who has the most fun wins.
  36. People will treat you how you allow them to.
  37. You have complete control over your attitude and your effort.
  38. Always be the hardest worker.
  39. Once you have good habits then all you need is patience.
  40. There are treasures you won’t find at the peak of a mountain.
  41. If you’re undisciplined you’re a slave to your moods and passions.
  42. Your attitude to life determines life’s attitude toward you.
  43. If you want it badly enough you’ll find a way to get it.
  44. Seek to understand rather than to be understood.
  45. The future starts today not tomorrow.
  46. Thinking won’t overcome fear but action will.
  47. There are no days off.
  48. You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.

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