Adventure Weekend

Last weekend 19 of our members travelled to beautiful Kings Beach at Caloundra to spend 4 days and 3 nights at the Rolling Surf Resort, ready for an adventure packed weekend.

Day 1

After settling in to our rooms, checking out the resort facilities and doing a quick food shop, we began the weekend festivities with a beautiful coastal walk.

You couldn’t get a more perfect day or view… or company 🙂 It was a great way for everyone to meet each other and build the excitement for the weekend ahead.

Then it was time for an early dinner (cocktails for some) which we had at a little restaurant / bar which was conveniently located directly below our resort.

Brilliant start to our Adventure Weekend!

Day 2

We kicked off the morning with a 5.30am yoga & meditation class in the park. The intention was to get everyone calm and focused on what we wanted to achieve over the next few days.

All activities for the weekend were optional so some decided to sleep or go for a run instead.

Then it was time for the skydive!!!!!

Those that didn’t want to jump made their way to Lake Currimundi so they could watch the (hopefully successful) beach landing.

Those that did want to jump were picked up by a minibus and whisked off to their destiny…. heart rates sky high and nerves starting to set in.


This was definitely a highlight of the weekend for me. Even though I’d been skydiving before, it was 10000 times better this time around.

The weather was perfect. The scenery was perfect. My instructor was fantastic and my jumping buddies were … hilarious (even more so when watching everyone’s videos later in the day).

We didn’t have much time to recover as it was a quick lunch back at the resort and then off to the water obstacle course.

If you’re after a good workout that’s HEAPS of fun, this is your answer. By this stage of the weekend my abs were already sore from laughing so much and watching everyone on these obstacles certainly didn’t help.

It was a great afternoon and thankfully no injuries sustained.

We finished the day with an early dinner (cocktails for some most) and then a stroll around to Bulcock Beach for the night markets.

Brilliant day!

Day 3

Another 5.30am start for a bootcamp in the park.

What a great way to start the day – 45 mins of heart pumping, endorphin inducing, resilience building, strength gaining…. fun!

Followed by a quick dip in the ocean and then a nice relaxing, extended breakfast and coffee.

Our next scheduled activity wasn’t until 1pm so some of the group went on a shopping trip up to Sunshine Plaza (Ben’s shopping bonanza), some headed to the resort pool, some read a book down at the beach and some went back to bed.

That afternoon, after a very intense safety lesson (of which I remembered maybe 50%) and one trip down a zip line, our high ropes course was cancelled due to an approaching storm.

This was disappointing as we were all looking forward to the challenge and adrenaline rush. We did make sure to take photos though, as that’s always important.

We finished off the afternoon with the traditional “Grandad’s Trivia” event.

There was a lot of enthusiastic discussion, claims of cheating, bribery accusations … it may have gotten a little out of hand due to the amount of cocktails consumed.

I also had the pleasure of announcing 2 people who won themselves a spot on our next SBF GETAWAY, which was generously donated by one of our beautiful members (who has sworn me to secrecy as to her identity).

This was also one of the highlights of the weekend for me.

I certainly didn’t need any cocktails to feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Trivia was then followed by dinner and apparently a very interesting lesson in emojis…. And I think we’ll just leave that one right there, with the understanding that some things are best to leave on tour.

Another day jam packed with laughter and great memories.

Day 4

Our final day began with a sunrise stand up paddle board / kayak over to Bribie Island.

After a pretty intense safety lesson, advising us how not to get sucked into a catamaran’s propeller, we all nailed the trip over without a single capsize.

We then walked over to explore the other side of the island and returned once again without a single casualty!

Then, unfortunately, it was time to pack up and say our goodbyes.

Thanks to all our amazing members who made this weekend one that I’ll never forget.

We pushed ourselves beyond our comfort zones,

We experienced new adventures,

We laughed until we cried,

And I’m pretty sure we filled the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run!

The best therapy is time spent laughing with mates.

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