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How to exercise with bad knees

Whether your knee pain is due to arthritis, injury, or another issue, there are ways to stay active and improve your fitness without exacerbating your condition.

In this article, we’ll explore strategies and exercises to help you maintain an active lifestyle while taking care of your knees.

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5 Golden Diet Rules

These rules apply to anyone who is wanting to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, regardless if you’re trying to lose weight, increase weight or maintain your current weight.

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“I’m going out the front to play”

This was a common phrase when my kids were little as they enthusiastically raced off to meet their neighbourhood buddies.

Then they’d stay out until it got dark and had to come back in for dinner… or someone got into trouble and had to go home … or someone stacked their bike, scooter, skateboard, fell out of a tree etc and required medical attention.

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3 Tools to Practice Delayed Gratification

Delayed gratification is delaying an impulse for an immediate reward (like eating junk food) to receive a more favourable reward later (like losing 5kg). It is a timeless skill that holds the key to personal growth, self-discipline, and long-term success.

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5 Quick, simple & healthy lunch recipes

A “Healthy” lunch is one that includes a variety of nutrient-rich foods that provide essential vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients while limiting excessive intake of added sugars, unhealthy fats, and calories.

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How To Create Your Bucket List

Imagine having your very own personalised roadmap, leading you towards a life brimming with unforgettable adventures, enriching experiences, and transformative challenges for personal growth.

The first question to ask ourselves is…

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Photo of a heap of junk food on a set of scales saying "HELP". A tape measure is entwined around the junk food.

8 Crucial Steps to Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating is characterised by: Excessive food consumption. Loss of control. Rapid eating. Using eating as a coping mechanism. Feelings of guilt and shame. Binge eaters feel driven to eat even when they’re not hungry and find it challenging to stop or control their eating behaviour.

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A female person running on grass overlayed with a hand holding an alarm clock and another image of a female flexing her biceps

2 Steps to get motivated this winter

Winter can be challenging when it comes to maintaining motivation.

The cold weather, shorter days, EOFY, family responsibilities and work stress can easily derail even the most determined amongst us.

But fear not! With the right strategies and mindset, we can conquer the winter blues and stay motivated to achieve our goals.

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Lady in a pink nightie sleeping on her side on a fluffy white cloud

Sleep smarter, sleep better: Overcoming the hurdles

Adequate and quality sleep is crucial for numerous reasons: It plays a vital role in supporting our immune system, helping to defend against illnesses and infections. It aids in the regulation of hormones involved in appetite control and metabolism, which can impact weight management and reduce the risk of chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes.

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cartoon image of a penguin looking annoyed

Comparison is the thief of joy

Last night I was trying to teach my kids the value of self-worth and why you shouldn’t compare your achievements to others… You know, the whole: “Comparison is the thief of joy” idea that is nigh on impossible to implement in the real world. This came about after one of my kids was dirty because

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lady wearing a checkered shirt and hat, hanging out a car window waving with a big grin on her face

A waving misadventure: When directions and waves collide

Every Saturday as Ben and I are driving back from training, we pass an intellectually impaired man (I’m assuming) who sits at the side of the road with (who appears to be) his carer by his side. This man enthusiastically waves every time a car passes, and so as we approach I wind down my

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Lose 4kg in 4 weeks

While it’s important to approach weight loss with a long-term perspective, achieving short-term goals is a great incentive to keep us on track to a permanent lifestyle change. If you have 4kg of body fat to lose, this can be achieved in a safe, healthy way in 4 weeks. 4 weeks of following these simple

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