4 Steps to get out of your fitness rut.

Your fitness journey is like a roller coaster:

In the beginning there’s a sharp increase in your gains and you’re seeing improvements every single week.

Then there comes a plateau where your body needs time to adjust to all the changes and improvements.

What comes next is 1 of 3 possibilities:

  • Progress: Your body has adapted and you start making gains again.
  • Regress: Your body hasn’t adapted and you start losing the gains you’d previously made.
  • Static: You remain in your plateau. 

If you’re progressing that’s great, keep doing what you’re doing.

If you’re regressing you need to look at why:

  • Are you over training?
  • Are you rushing your training program?
  • Are you skipping your self care?
  • Are there external factors affecting your health?

If you’re stuck in a plateau… it’s going to turn into a Fitness Rut unless you do something about it RIGHT NOW!

Here’s a 25 min live recording where I explain the 4 Steps to get out of your rut:

Or continue reading for a quick overview…


Ask yourself: Have I been 100% committed to my training?

Being 99% committed to your goals provides vastly different results to 100% commitment.

It may be a case of taking a step back and being honest in your evaluation (this will be a lot easier if you have a coach, PT or training partner).

There are big commitment issues like skipping training days, and then there are little commitment issues:

  • Do you finish 1 second before the buzzer?
  • Do you ease off 1m before the finish line?
  • Do you count a rep even if it wasn’t fully completed?
  • Do you take any form of short cut?

Little commitment issues are significant if you’re in a plateau!

If you can honestly say that you’ve been 100% committed, then it’s time to move to step 2. However, If you haven’t been 100% committed then it’s time to figure out why and what you can do about it. 

Have you been stressed at work, life at home isn’t great, you’re struggling with winter, you haven’t been sleeping well, you have no specific goals…

Whatever the reason for you NOT sticking to the plan 100%, you need to work on the WHY first.


Have you been training the same way, doing the same exercises, with the same mindset for a while now?

If you have, then it’s time to mix things up.

You need to change something and the first thing should be your mind.

Here’s some important points to think about:

  • What you are doing right now is not giving you the results that you want. It would be foolish to keep doing what you’re doing and expect different results.
  • If you want to get out of your plateau, you have to change something. It may be your nutrition, it may be your work schedule, it may be a family situation, it may be your training, or it may even be bits and pieces of all of these things!
  • You need to make some sacrifices if you want results.


Once you’ve changed your mindset and you understand that significant changes need to happen, the next step is identifying:

  • What exact changes you’re going to make.
  • If you’re committed to making these changes.

A lot of people want to achieve certain goals, but when it comes down to the sacrifices, they don’t want to give up certain things (like sleep, family time, chocolate cake, socialising with friends, alcohol…)

For example: You may set a goal of getting a six pack. Your sacrifices might be:

  • A very strict diet with no packaged foods.
  • Strictly no alcohol or carbonated drinks.
  • No more long slow cardio, it’s all high intensity sprint work.
  • In bed by 9pm and up by 5am every day

All that may be great for a week… But if you want your six pack to stay around, those sacrifices have to stay for the rest of your life!

You get to choose what is most important.

Unfortunately you can’t have everything.

You either have your cake or you have your six pack!


The final step is to stick with it.

Don’t start a program, or make these changes and think you’re going to get miraculous results in a week.

Significant long term results requires a long term commitment.

  • Write down your specific goal.
  • Write out your plan to achieve the goal (you may need help from a professional).
  • Write out what sacrifices you’re going to make in order to stick to your plan.
  • Stick to the plan rain, hail or shine.
  • Achieve your goal.
  • Move on to your next goal.

Don’t complain about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do.

If you want to make changes but you just don’t know where to start, you may be interested in my  TOTALLY FREE 3 DAY KICK START:

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