5 Practical ways to create a positive mindset

A positive mind is the foundation for a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s a non-negotiable!

In this 13 min live video recording I suggest 5 practical steps you can take to creating a positive mindset:

Or you may prefer to read on for a brief overview:

1: Make it a goal.

  • Just like any other goal: set a deadline, use assessment tools, evaluate and track your progress.
  • Tell family and friends and use them as accountability buddies.
  • Use the rubber band on your wrist technique.
  • Use a daily habit tracker.
  • Daily reminders of your goal – screen savers, post it notes, journal entries etc.

2: Use positive conversation starters.

The way we begin a conversation will determine what course it will follow. Have a list of positive conversation starters for any occasion.

3: Embrace mother nature.

Research shows that spending time in nature has a positive effect on our mood so get outside as often as possible.

If you can’t get outside, then bring the outdoors in! Make sure you dedicate time to nurturing your surroundings.

4: Do something for someone else.

If you feel negativity creeping in, have a break from your own problems and focus on helping someone else.

This could be for a friend or volunteering at the local school

5: Celebrate everything!

Don’t wait for birthdays or big events like Xmas and Easter, make sure to celebrate yours (and others) little achievements along the way:

  • Finishing an assignment or work project.
  • Sporting or fitness achievements.
  • Friend and family milestones & anniversaries.
  • Local, National & Global events.

Celebrations don’t have to involve crappy food and alcohol – make them about human connection and creating memories.

Positivity is the byproduct of taking action.

Don’t think about becoming more positive, take action first and create your positivity 🙂

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