Cooly Getaway 2021

After a year of lockdowns, uncertainty and very nervous waiting, our girls weekend finally arrived right on schedule…. and what a BRILLIANT weekend it was!

Day 1: Thursday

18 crew members arrived at our beautiful destination: Coolangatta on the Qld / NSW coastal border.

Home base was Mantra Resort which is situated perfectly on the beachfront and smack bang in the middle of all the great restaurants and coffee shops.

Unfortunately one of the activities we had to cancel was a whale watching tour (with the state borders being closed we couldn’t get there) HOWEVER… on our afternoon coastal walk the whales came out to put on a show for us anyway!!!

I also saw 2 dolphins frolicking about close to the shore but no one else did…
and so no one believed me…
and so apparently that didn’t happen…
but it bloody well did!!!!

The QLD/NSW border

Dinner that night was at the Coolangatta Surf Club which was the first of many delicious meals and laughter packed events that we’d enjoy together over the weekend.

Day 2: Friday

We kicked off the day with an early morning bootcamp in the park.

perfect bootcamp location

Now this is another “you had to be there” moment, but as we were smashing out our morning workout, who should stroll past but Celeste Barber!!!! I kid you not!


We had a quick chat to her (she’s just as amazing in real life) but unfortunately I didn’t have my phone with me to get a photo!!! so I’ve put a little something together of what it would have looked like.

Quick dip to refresh after the workout.

The next scheduled item on the agenda was a picnic at Currumbin Rock Pools.

…. ok where do I start on this one… I’ll try to make it as painless as possible:

  • We lost one of the cars as we were driving out to the rock pools.
  • When we realised we’d lost them, we also realised we had no phone reception.
  • The rock pools where we intended to go had been blocked off so we couldn’t gain access. This meant everyone had to back track to another area and have lunch sitting on a rocky slope.
  • Ben finally located our lost crew members who were at another rock pool location having a super time downing champagne and swimming … until someone lost their front tooth!

    It’s not all bad news though because it was a veneer … and provided much entertainment for the rest of us over the weekend. HOORAY 🙂
Not allowed to share photos of the missing tooth so here’s the rock pools instead.

It was certainly a valuable learning experience for me as tour operator – make sure everyone is accounted for at all times (thank god we weren’t scuba diving!)

Friday night Top Golf

If you haven’t played Top Golf before, I highly recommend it.

The first win of the night was that we didn’t lose anyone getting to the location! Everything after that was just icing on the cake.

So many laughs!

Lots of friendly competition, lots of near misses with balls flying in every direction, not much quality golfing going down but the enthusiasm made up for the lack of ability.

This was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend for me.

Day 3: Saturday

We started the morning with a leisurely walk around the headland to join in at Kirra parkrun.

Parkrun is ALWAYS a great morning!

The volunteers are always fantastic, the people you meet are fantastic and it’s just a real privilege to participate in such a wonderful community event!

Some of us walked, some of us ran and some of us stayed back to nurse a hangover…. and we all had a great time … well maybe not so much the hangover people but they had a great time the previous night so it evens out.

This was then followed by a very rowdy breakfast at Cafe Kirra…

And then a bit of down time before our afternoon High Ropes Course.

I absolutely LOVE these courses! Plus, it was situated in the middle of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary so we got to see all the animals too – and even do a zip line over the crocodiles which was another highlight for me.

Time seemed to fly past and before you knew it we had to leave to get back in time for a picnic in the park and our traditional trivia night.

Due to this being a “G” rated blog, unfortunately I can’t say much about our picnic in the park or the carry on that followed.

I will however share this photo and tell you that we had a great night.


Day 4: Sunday

Our final day started with yoga and meditation on the beach front.

What a treat to reflect on our time away whilst listening to the waves rolling in and being surrounded by friends.

Then it was time for our farewell breakfast at Rockleigh Cafe.

The perfect finish to our SBF COOLY GETAWAY.

More rowdiness, more laughter, more delicious food and more wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Thanks to all our beautiful members who came along and made the weekend so much fun. I appreciate you and I hope you enjoyed your time away as much as I did.

If you’d like to find more about how you can become a SBF member, and maybe join us for our next GETAWAY, click the button below:

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