Don’t eat cereal for breakfast!

The great thing about breakfast cereal is that:

  1. It’s convenient
  2. It tastes good.

… And that’s about it for the “pros”.

Sugar loops – packed with sugar and lots of processed crap.

As far as the “cons” go:

  1. Cereal is made from highly processed refined grains.
  2. Most cereals are REALLY high in sugar.
  3. If you’re anything like me, a suggested portion size wouldn’t even begin to fill your big toe, let alone your belly!
  4. Cereal is expensive – especially when you’ve got to eat so much to quell the hunger pains.
  5. Marketers are brilliant at making you think that their “protein enriched”, “calcium fortified”, “25% iron” etc. cereal is actually healthy! They spend millions each year on advertising to sell this idea to us.

Nothing is healthier than food in its most natural state!

Let’s just think about this……

You wake up in the morning after fasting for about (hopefully) 8 hours and your body is in need of nutrients and energy to start a new day.

SBF Turkey & salad wrap

The worst thing you could consume at this point in time is:

  • Highly processed,
  • Artificial,
  • Largely nutrient void, 
  • Packaged food.

Exactly what breakfast cereal is!

The best thing you could eat is food:

  • Full of vitamins,
  • Full of minerals,
  • A variety of nutrients,
  • Colourful.

Food is fuel.

If you want to run like a well oiled machine, you need good fuel!

Eating a highly nutritious breakfast also helps to establish a positive mindset for the rest of the day! 

Everything you consume will directly or indirectly affect your brain and how it functions. Get it operating on some good fuel and you’ve got a much better chance of preparing yourself for a positive day (or implementing coping mechanisms to deal with a bad one).

What you should be eating for breakfast:

Exactly the same stuff you should be eating for lunch, dinner and snacks! 

Breakfast is no different from any other meal, and certainly has a lot more options than packaged cereal.

SBF Egg white omelette

The Australian dietary recommendations are 5 – 7 servings of vegetables a day. This means 5 – 7 cups of raw salad or vegetables!!! 

If you’re leaving this to dinner (as most people do) you’re probably not going to fit it all in!

If you have smaller amounts more regularly throughout the day, you’ve got a much better chance of consuming all the vegetables you NEED for optimal health and vitality.

Here’s some more breakfast ideas:

  • Home made vegetable muffins, banana bread, zucchini slice.
  • Salad sandwiches and wraps.
  • Soups / stews.

Or another brilliant idea is leftovers! (as long as it was a healthy meal the night before).

Then if all else fails… have your bowl of sugar pops, but eat a big handful of baby spinach first.

mmmmmm tasty…

If you’d like to try some of my SBF recipes for FREE

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