Home gym essentials

One of the best things about having a home gym is the massive amount of time you save! Also:

  • The massive amount of money you save (long term).
  • You can train whenever you want.
  • You can wear whatever you want.
  • You set a good example for other family members.
  • You can do things your way!
  • You can shower in your own bathroom.
  • You can listen to your own music / podcasts / audio books.
  • You’ve committed yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how to do it: 

1. Choose the space.

Find an area where you can keep the equipment in eyesight. If you store it away in a closet or under the bed, you’re less likely to get it out. Since you’re going to be using the equipment regularly, it makes sense to have it easily accessible.

Areas you could use include:

  • The garage
  • Outdoor undercover area
  • Spare room
  • If you’re 100% serious and you’re viewing this as a long term investment, look into adding on another room, or building a carport and enclosing the garage or somehow reconfiguring the house so you can have a gym.

Our home space has a dual purpose: it garages 2 cars and it is our gym… and it’s also my filming studio. When I want to use the gym all I need to do is back the cars out and I’m away.

If you don’t have an area you can dedicate permanently to a gym, the other option is to store your equipment. Just make sure that it’s easy to access and easy to transport to your workout space. 

2. Have a serious spring clean.

The goal is to have as much open space as possible and ideally, to only have gym equipment in your gym.

Before you start adding items in to your space, you need to declutter first – take the minimalist approach.

This will probably mean you’ll have to organise other areas in your house to accomodate the items you’ll be removing from the gym.

  • What do you no longer need, want or use? Give it away, sell it or throw it out.
  • What is not absolutely essential to have out on display at all times? Store it elsewhere.

3. Storage ideas.

Have a look at space available at floor level, wall level and ceiling level. Nowadays there are storage solutions for EVERYTHING! Have a look online to get ideas for your specific storage requirements.

Some ideas are:

Make sure that items you use regularly are the easiest to gain access to.

4. Equipment.

Take the time to plan before you buy! You don’t need bulky and expensive pieces of gym equipment to get a great workout. Circuit training is a proven way to improve your fitness and burn fat FAST. 

Here’s my suggestions for our SBF Challenge workouts:

  • Box or Bench: (ideally a padded box with 3 optional heights) Examples of exercises: box jumps, step ups, dips, knee lifts, incline or decline push ups, single leg squats or lunges…
  • SBF BANDS: (excellent for saving space, travelling, rehab work, muscle imbalances, core work etc.) Examples of exercises: view workouts using SBF BANDS 
  • Weighted bar / bar & weight plates: (you could use a solid steel pipe cut to various lengths depending on desired weight) Examples of exercises: dead lifts, squats, lunges, shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep press, standing rows, hip thrusts, upright rows…
  • Hex Dumbbells: (2 different sets of weights would be ideal) Examples of exercises: bicep curls, shoulder press, lat raise, man makers, seal makers, chest press, flys, upright row, thrusters…
  • Kettle bell: (2 different sets of weights would be ideal) Examples of exercises: KB swings, deadlifts, goblet squats, upright rows, bent over rows, sumo deadlift high pull…
  • Slam ball: Examples of exercises: Ball slams, wall balls, ab exercises, hip thrusts, lunges, squats…
  • Good quality mat/s(thicker than a yoga mat) Examples of exercises: any floor work – burpees, mountain climbers, sit ups, core work…
  • Chin up bar: (you can assemble on a door frame with optional resistance bands to assist) Examples of exercises: all chin up variations, knee raises, side crunches, back  / shoulder stretching…
  • Skipping rope: (great for cardio fitness, agility, co ordination) Examples of exercises: high knees, double unders, cross overs, single foot hops, slalom, jumping jack…

5. Where to get your equipment.

On second hand sites!!!

  • eBay
  • Gumtree
  • FB Market place
  • Your local gym – excellent for commercial standard equipment.

Kmart has cheap fitness equipment and so does Aldi (you’ll just have to keep checking their catalogue for dates and then be prepared to camp overnight outside the store).

Ask your friends and family if anyone has the items you’re after, or if they know someone else who does.  

6. Create your atmosphere.

You need to create a space that you want to be in and one which will motivate you!

Make your gym your happy place 🙂

Take into consideration:

  • Lighting
  • Ventilation, fans, air conditioning (or heater for those chilly mornings)
  • A whiteboard to write up your workouts
  • Motivational quotes or posters
  • Boom box for music or audio books
  • Clock or timer (you may want to use an app on your phone)

7. Get started!

Now that you’ve got your gym sorted, it’s time to start planning your goals, setting some achievable daily habits and getting disciplined!

If you’d like help with any of this, you’re welcome to join my TOTALLY FREE:

You’ll get a FREE 3 Day Fuel Plan, FREE full length workout videos and access to my 3 Day Kick Start support group 🙂

Or, if you’d just like to learn more about my SBF Challenge and how I can help you smash your health and fitness goals:

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