How to become a billionaire

Over dinner tonight one of my 13 year old children came out with:

“At school the other day I asked this Year 7 kid what the time was…

And he had on like, an Apple Watch, and yeah so when he flipped his wrist it came on with like an old watch face…

Like, you know the ones where there’s hands pointing up and down?

Yeah well he told me the time in like 3 seconds!!!!”

And as I sat there in stunned silence, one of my other 13 year olds pipes in with:

“Woah, that kid is gunna go places when he gets older…. I bet he’s like a billionaire.”

😂😂😂 if only it was as simple as that …


I quickly changed the face of my Apple Watch to an analogue version.

And now here I am 2 hrs later and I’ve changed it back because it’s taking me too long to tell the time.


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