How to decide your goals for 2022 (including a self evaluation)

Right now is the perfect time to start planning and preparing for 2022.

And even if you’re reading this in the middle of the year, it’s still the perfect time!

The best time to start on your goals was yesterday, the second best time is RIGHT NOW!

If you ‘re having trouble deciding what your goals are, or maybe you don’t even know how to go about setting goals, the best place to start is with a self evaluation and a review of the previous year.

Here’s a 20 min live video explaining exactly how to do this:

If you’d prefer not to watch the video, here’s a PDF to download.

I’d recommend setting aside at least 30 mins to sit down and really think about your answers – the more specific you are, the better.

If you’d like me to help YOU reach your health and fitness goals, I’d love to help!

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