My top 5 “Self Help” books

The “self help”, “self improvement”, “personal development”, “personal growth” etc. genre is overflowing with a great many wonderful books.

The best book for you to read within this category will largely depend on where you’re requiring “help”.

The books I’ve chosen below are ones that have had a huge impact on my life in various areas – time management, creating my purpose, finances, even embarking on a therapy program for my daughter.

Each of these books have changed the course of my life for the better and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Here’s a 20 min live video where I give a quick rundown of each book and why I found each of them so valuable.

And if you couldn’t be bothered watching that, here’s the quick version…

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. Stephen R. Covey

This book is a classic! It’ll help you communicate, work and manage better.

It covers both personal and professional problems and if you implement the 7 habits, you’ll be closer to your version of a successful life.

2. Man’s search for Meaning. Viktor E. Frankl

This is a true story of Viktor Frankl’s experience at Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

His story is harrowing, yet hugely inspiring with a takeaway message that we can not avoid suffering in our life, but we can find meaning from it.

3. The Barefoot Investor. Scott Pape

This is not just a finance book. It’s funny, has great life stories and, of course, gives brilliant (and easy to understand) financial advice for budgeting and living comfortably.

The Barefoot Investor Families edition is also a great read.

4. Atomic Habits. James Clear

If you love behavioural science like I do, you’ll love this book! It includes a fantastic step by step guide to creating good habits as well as eliminating bad ones.

5. Oh The Places You’ll Go. Dr Seuss

A 5 min read with a lifetime of great advice! Basically, it’s up to YOU to make something out of your life.

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