Old people and technology

Regardless of what you did today…. My day was more stressful.

You see my 74 year old Dad bought an iPhone today and asked me to help him get his vaccination certificate on there.

And if that isn’t bad enough, he lives interstate so this was to be done via a FaceTime call.


Do I even need to go on?

For anyone under 50 I’d give 10 mins to sort this out.

60 and over I’d give 20 mins.

70 and over, 30 mins max.

Do you know what I managed to achieve in 30 mins?

I managed to teach him how to turn his phone on and off!

I wish I was kidding but …. alas no, that was it.


After we reached this monumental milestone I needed a break before I ripped all the hair out of my head.

Plus, I figured I’d done pretty well to get him up to this point, now it was someone else’s turn to take over.

Before I finished the call I mentioned that he’d need to get a phone case because he’ll drop it and smash the screen … to which he replied:

Oh I’m just going to use my old phone case (which is for a Samsung) I’ve just got to cut a few holes in it because the cameras are in a different spot.

😳 okkkaaaayyyy

After I got off the call, walked outside and took a minute for a few deep breaths and a few mindfulness exercises, I sent the below text to one of brothers.

And from his very selfish response It would appear that I have many many many long FaceTime calls ahead of me.


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