School holiday “fun”

Today I went and did an escape room.

In case you don’t know what that is – you’re locked in a room with one hour to escape and the only way out is to solve all the clues.

Sounds like fun right?

Well it wasn’t!

You know why?

Because my kids came with me.

I must have had a monumental brain fart to think that after 2 weeks of school holidays, being locked in a small room with my 3 x 12 year olds could be anything closely resembling “fun”.

What would have been fun, was if they’d sat in the corner, said nothing and just watched as I figured out all the clues myself.

Luckily Aunty Kaz was there to keep the peace … and to talk me into allowing the kids back home.

And this photo we have here, is a good reminder that people can post whatever that want on social media or the internet in general – that doesn’t mean it’s reality.

FYI if you are keen to try out an escape room, the people at Escape Hunt Brisbane were BRILLIANT.

I’ll definitely be going back next school holidays minus the kids… I’m thinking being locked in a small dark room all by myself for an hour, would be absolute bliss!

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