Self sabotage: 3 steps to stop doing it

Please enjoy this 18 min live video recording where I explain what self sabotage is and the 3 steps you can take to stop doing it.

Or you may prefer to read on for a brief overview:

When we undermine our own success with destructive behaviours and thought patterns.

Some examples of self sabotage include: self criticism, perfectionism, substance abuse, procrastination.

These behaviours and thoughts are often fuelled by anxiety, fear and self doubt.


1: What is the negative behaviour or thought pattern?

  • Write down ALL your negative behaviours / thoughts and be as specific as possible.
  • Eg. Returning home from work and eating everything in the fridge.
  • Sleeping through your alarm.
  • Drinking a bottle of wine after dinner.
  • Over snacking whilst working on assignments.
  • Buying a chocolate bar to eat on the way home from food shopping.

2: Why am I doing it?

  • Think back to the first time you engaged in this behaviour / thoughts, or the earliest time you can remember.
  • Try to determine how it all began – think of the scenario and ask yourself: When, Who, What, Where, How.
  • See if you can pinpoint similar situations or events that bring on these negative behaviours and thoughts

It’s important to remember that this is not a blaming exercise! It’s an exercise in recognising where things go wrong and taking ownership to either fix or avoid the situation.

3: How can I stop it?

  • From the list you have created above, address each of your specific behaviours and determine how you can either change the behaviour or avoid the situation that enables the behaviour.
  • Eg. Do online shopping instead of going to the shops to be tempted by chocolate bars OR take a healthy snack with you to the shops that you can eat in the car on the way home.

And finally, here’s what I think causes people (including myself) to self sabotage:

  • Not wanting to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Poor planning.
  • Poor organisation.
  • Being lazy.

It’s certainly not some incurable virus or psychological disorder that you can’t do something about!

Take ownership of your thoughts and behaviours and work hard to change them.

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