The little things

I was running along with my good mate Mike the other day, discussing the finer details of sticky tape.

I was telling him that I buy the cheap sticky tape because I’m too much of a tight arse to buy the good stuff.

Then I always regret it later because the cheap stuff … well it’s cheap for a reason isn’t it.

You spend more time trying to find the end of it because it’s so thin … or then it doubles back and sticks on itself and gets all twisted … and then if you do eventually get a piece it doesn’t stick properly and you need 5 more pieces to hold the paper down … and it is so… bloody… frustrating 

I know this may not sound interesting right now, however I can assure you that Mike was VERY interested in my sticky tape story.

So much so, that the following week he bought me a roll of high end sticky tape…. 

 with a dispenser!!!!

I’m not even kidding!!!

It’s the little things in life that really are the big things. 

Although it did cross my mind that maybe he just didn’t want to have to listen to me bang on about sticky tape anymore. 

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