The perfect morning routine

A solid morning routine gives you control of the day. It sets you on the path to success before your brain has even registered you’re awake yet! But more importantly, it has a powerful ripple effect on your state of mind for the rest of the day.

So what is the perfect morning routine?

There isn’t one!….. (well there is, but not one that suits everyone) However, there are elements that should be included in a morning routine to promote the likelihood of a successful day. Below is a list of these.


Over night your body is working hard to repair itself (a good reason why we need a good nights sleep) and this includes casting out toxins and waste products. A big drink of water first thing in the morning helps to cleanse your bowel and regulate your digestive tract.

Drinking water on an empty stomach will also increase your metabolic rate, rehydrate you and strengthen your immune system.


If you’ve read Part 1 of my Habit Series: “How To Plan Your Day Right“, you’ll already be familiar with the benefits of writing a “To Do” list the previous night.

Now it’s time to read over those items and, if you haven’t already, schedule exactly where they’re going to fit into your day. It’s time to take charge!

Then while you have a pen in your hand, here’s a few other things I recommend writing down:

  • Your Current Goals… and if you don’t have any, journalling is a great way to start figuring out exactly what it is that you want.
  • Your Health Status. This could be an absolute game changer for you in the coming days, weeks, months, years….. in regard to your health, happiness and longevity. A few dot points on how you’re feeling, any concerns or niggles, anything you’ve been doing differently etc. Your notes could provide valuable information down the track.
  • Any obstacles you may currently be facing. Then, more importantly, what action you can take TODAY to address the issue. You may not be able to solve the whole problem, but there’s always something you can do – even if it’s changing your attitude toward the problem.

If you think you don’t have time to do this, it’s as simple as getting up 10 mins earlier.


If you want to:

Increase your metabolism for the day,

Increase the likelihood of making healthier food choices for the day,

Be more focused throughout the day and,

Be in a better mood for the day

It doesn’t have to be a marathon session. Just lace up the boots and head out for a 30 min walk. You could read an entire audio book in a week by simply walking and listening every morning.

Or take the opportunity to greet your neighbours and get to know your local community…. which also has a great many health benefits.


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

  1. Because it’s the first thing you’re eating after a long fast.
  2. Because it’s most likely to set the tone for your remaining food choices of the day.

Eat breakfast at a time that suits you best.

People seem to get caught up in what time you should be eating breakfast and forget about the more crucial aspect of what food you should be eating! So let’s focus on that.

Here’s some points to consider before you tuck in.

  • You have been fasting (hopefully) for at least 8 hours.
  • Your body has just spent this last 8 hours in recovery mode, working hard to repair itself.
  • Your body is now requiring some good fuel to replenish its stores.
  • Whatever you decide to eat is LITERALLY going to be transformed into new cells in your body. It’s true when they say:

“You are what you eat”

It makes sense then, that we take this opportunity to eat / drink something that is packed with vitamins and minerals, and something that is low in sugar, additives, preservatives … or anything highly processed.


This is your first opportunity of the day to get one of 7 serves of vegetables in.

7 serves! that’s a lot of vegetables to be eating if you’re planning on leaving them all to dinner, so why not tick a few off the list early and start feeling great immediately.

Things like:



Left overs from dinner


Are all great breakfast options.

Those are the 4 key elements to a perfect morning routine.

  • Drink water.
  • Journal / Plan.
  • Move.
  • Breakfast.

Now all you have to do is to figure out what arrangement of these elements works best for you, and then just do it.

Every. Single. Morning.

Do you want to be:

More organised?
Or do you have a goal you want to achieve but you keep putting it on the back burner?


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