When I die I want …

One of my goals this month was to update our wills.

Not something you want to be discussing all the time, but certainly an important task that needs to be undertaken.

So we got all the documents sent out and there was a section to complete asking about funeral arrangements and any instructions you wanted noted down.

Mmmmmm what did I want to happen to me after I’m gone 🤔

I decided that I wanted to be cremated and then put with Ben’s ashes (I’m backing myself to win that race) and then we’d be left to the kids and they could divide us up and each of them could keep a part of us 😃

After I wrote all that down in my “funeral arrangements” section, I thought I’d better go run that past Ben….

Who informed me that he wanted to be cremated, put in a box and left on a bush track in the middle of nowhere and to be left alone.


… I’m blaming the kids ☝🏼

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