A dose of reality

8.10am is when my ASD super-powered daughter Abs goes to school.

Not 8.11am,

Not 8.09am,

8.10am every. single. day.

Just one of the many qualities I love about her.

And we have the same routine every morning:

At 8.10am she says:

“Right Mum I’m going to school.”

And then she comes and gives me a kiss, gets her bag and water bottle, gives me another kiss and we walk out the front and I watch her walk off to school.

And while all that is happening I repeatedly tell her how much I love her, that she needs to work hard, look after her brother and sister, be polite to her teachers, make sure she drinks enough water… you know, just the basics.

Then every so often I seize the opportunity to dish out some very poignant, philosophical advice.

Like last week when I started with…

Abs I’ve got a feeling that today is going to be a great day for you… you know why?

Because you’re going to make it a great day!

If you decide right now that things are going to work in your favour then they will.

It’s amazing what a positive attitude can achieve…

And just by being a good person and going out of your way to help others…

Even just asking someone if they’re ok… or smiling at someone… that can make a real difference…

Which was met with an eerie silence.

By this stage I had walked out into the front yard assuming she was following in my footsteps, so I turned around fully expecting to see her pondering over my words ..

But she wasn’t there.

She had detoured via the garage and was 50m down the road.

“Abs” I yelled out,

“I was telling you important stuff.”

To which she responded with a backhanded wave as she continued on her way.

And that was when I realised that my philosophical advice may not be so poignant after all.

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