You’re never too old and it’s never too late!

If you think you’re too old to start getting fit and healthy, YOU’RE NOT!

If you think your best days are behind you, THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE!

If you think ageing automatically means getting slower, fatter and less mobile, IT DOESN’T!

Betty is 62 years wise and started with SBF 5 months ago. This is her inspirational story:

“At the end of March 2021 I ran a 15 km race with a credible time of 1hr 25 mins! I was stoked that I could still run reasonably quickly (at age 62) with a 5min 37 pace/km.

It was with delight that when my birthday rolled around not long after that run, my beautiful daughters gifted me a 3 month gift certificate to the SBF Challenge.

And so my journey with you and SBF began. 

Easy recipes led to better eating; better eating led to better training and being part of a like minded group led me down the path of feeling better about myself and feeling part of a supported community. 

Fast forward to Sunday July 11th: I ran the same distance; exactly the same course, BUT….  a much quicker time:

1hr 18min!!! with a pace of 5min 11 pace/km – I was secretly jumping up and down!!

Whilst I have trained hard, the training has been supported and encouraged by SBF and I want to thank you Sally for starting and nurturing this amazing group – it takes a lot of work, I know, but I just wanted to let you know it is appreciated.”

Would you like me to help YOU reach your health and fitness goals?

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