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Version 1: “About Last Night”

I like to go to bed no later than 7.30pm but last night my son Gus had an 8.40pm basketball game.

This throws my entire routine into chaos, not only for that night, but also the day following.

I’m sleep-deprived, I can’t focus on my work, my training suffers and I’m just generally irritable.

Now if this wasn’t bad enough, during the game last night Gus received a nasty laceration to his eye after a head clash and required emergency treatment at the hospital.

We waited 5.5 hours to be seen by a doctor to have his eye glued back together!!!

We didn’t get home until 3.30am which meant I had been awake 24hrs and should now be getting back up to start work.

And to top it off, my phone ran out of battery ½ way through our wait.


Version 2: “About Last Night”

I like to go to bed no later than 7.30pm but last night my son, Gus had an 8.40pm basketball game.

I would much prefer for his games to finish by 6.30pm, however this is not possible.

I am so very grateful that he is involved in a sport that he loves, he is away from screens, getting fit and healthy, has a great time with his mates and he has a coach who sacrifices his valuable time so my child can benefit.

In the game last night Gus received a nasty laceration to his eye.

It was not life-threatening, he was not in excruciating pain and he will make a full recovery in a couple of days.

It could have been a lot worse.

As soon as the incident happened people were running from all directions to help. Court officials, coaches, teammates, random parents from random other teams.

People really are amazing, especially in a time of need.

We went to the hospital and the staff were fantastic. You could tell they were under the pump with a full waiting room, phones ringing, buzzers bleeping and a seemingly endless line of people requiring treatment.

I wondered when was the last time these people had sat down to a meal, or even had a toilet break, something I take for granted every day.

I love talking to new people and learning their stories and I met several interesting people in that waiting room last night. When you work from home you don’t often get this opportunity.

Had my phone not run out of battery I probably wouldn’t have initiated these conversations as I would have been so caught up with my work and watching YouTube videos. I would have missed out on these very valuable human connection moments.

When we were finally able to leave the hospital I thought to myself:

We just received top-grade service from highly skilled medical professionals in a safe & clean environment, all at no cost!

What an amazing country we live in.

And now for the icing on the cake…

At 10.30pm when Gus went to purchase a yogurt bar (number 29 in the vending machine) he pushed the buttons and not only did the yogurt bar come out, but so did number 28 which was a Mars Bar!!!!

The universe sure was looking after us last night 😀

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