Grandad strikes again

This week my Dad came along to watch my son Gus play basketball.

It started off as quite a pleasant evening … Until it wasn’t.

The incident happened early on in the game when Gus scored a long range basket and his coach just happened to be walking past me on the sideline.

He stopped momentarily to say:

“Gus should do more long range shots, he always gets them in at training.”

As I nodded in agreement my Dad leant over and asked:

“What did he say?”

Then as I started explaining what the coach had said, I was interrupted with a:

“That’s rubbish!”


My kids are now 15 years old so I’ve had plenty of time and previous experience to know where this conversation was heading, but for whatever reason I tried again to explain what the coach meant.

But Grandad didn’t want a bar of it!

He swiftly removed the soapbox he keeps stashed in his pocket for any occasion in which a grandchild is involved, and started off on a long, tedious and grossly biased rant …

“You leave him alone… he’s getting all his baskets in… he’s got more points than anyone else… look he just got that one in… he doesn’t need you telling him….. and on and on and on and on.”

If he had any idea what he was talking about I may have listened, however this was coming from the man who has never played a game of basketball in his life, and in fact when we did take him to a professional game, he wanted to leave because of all the “bloody American fanfare” they go on with instead of “just playing the bloody game.”

And as he was getting all worked up because he thought someone was having a crack at his precious grandchild … which somehow now I was getting the blame for…. I thought to myself…

Everyone deserves a “Grandad” in their corner.

Someone who thinks the sun shines out of your backside and will go in to bat for you regardless of the circumstances.

I don’t tell him that though because he certainly doesn’t need any encouragement.

Instead I prefer to wait until he’s gone home and a safe distance away in another state and then send him texts like:

I’ve devised a new budget and found that if we cut out meat from the kids diet during the week we can save almost $500 a month!!!

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