SBF Challenge

A specific program for busy women where EVERYTHING is worked out for you.

It's basic, it's simple and you'll see results in 4 weeks!

If you’re tired of struggling with clothes that don’t fit, desperate to reduce the severity of hot flushes & lack of sleep, longing to feel confident and comfortable in front of the mirror and craving more time and less overwhelm in your life, I’ve got you covered!

My program takes the thinking out of it and keeps things simple!

I’ve been a shift-worker, I’ve worked 3 jobs at once, I’ve survived having triplets… trust me, I understand your overwhelm and I make this as simple as possible.

I get it - you're busy, you're tired, you don't have time and you just want to feel good about yourself again!

It's basic, it's simple and you're guaranteed to feel and see results in 4 weeks!

Here's How It Works


You'll receive one fuel plan for the month. This gives you the option to cook meals in bulk and freeze for the entire 4 weeks.


Choose your options and I coach you through the entire workout: HIIT, strength, yoga, mobility, core and more.


Every morning I post a MINDFIT question on our SBF CREW to reinforce a positive mindset for the day. We also have a live CREW CHAT each Sunday night to get motivated for the week ahead and ask any questions.


You get me! Not a robot, not admin staff, ME checking in to see how you're going, answering your questions and making sure you don't get lost in the system.

This could be you next...

Female wearing a black singlet and denim shorts sitting on the floor

Meet Sally...

I’ve been teaching and coaching health and fitness for 31 years as a:

In 2008, I narrowly survived a heart attack while discovering I was pregnant with triplets. Among the many positive outcomes of this significant lifestyle shift was the creation of the “SBF Challenge”.

Recently SBF has undergone an evolution driven by both personal growth and the needs of our valued members. Our focus has shifted towards addressing the distinctive challenges encountered by menopausal women.

Choose your Membership

Join the SBF Challenge today!


$55.50 per month

3 Month


12 Months
Weekly Membership

$12.50 per week


I want you to love your SBF experience! If you're not 100% satisfied with my program I'll happily refund the full amount.


What makes your program better than other online programs?

We get results! Just look at the photos on the website and on SBF social media sites. If you’re committed and you stick to the program, you are guaranteed to get results!

personally help you. Not admin staff, not a robot, ME!

Membership is strictly limited so I can keep track of you and your progress and if you need more assistance, I can provide it. Members can personally message me at any time. I want to hear from you, I want to help you and I want you to feel special.

A big focus of our Challenge is mindset. I remind you of this every single morning in our daily MINDFIT post. I talk about it every Sunday in our live Facebook CREW CHAT and I continually encourage you with positive mindset techniques.

Is it a generic fuel plan or is it customised?

All base female fuel plans start at 1600 calories. Once you register for the Challenge, you have the option of completing an online form to calculate additional nutritional requirements depending on your health goals and activity level.

Can I do my own training and just follow the recipes and meal plan?

Yes absolutely! As long as you’re moving and building/maintaining lean muscle, you do what works best for you.

What if I don't like food in my meal plan?

You’ll have access to our members-only recipe catalogue. If you don’t like a particular meal or snack, simply change it for one that you do love. 

To make this easier, all main meals average 400 calories so it’s simply a matter of choosing what you’d prefer to eat.

You also have the option of following our food serves guide and preparing your own recipes.

Do I need to be a member of a gym?

No! Some workouts require no equipment at all and some workouts require basic equipment (see below) You also have the option of using SBF BANDS for the strength sessions.

What equipment do I need?

The strength sessions have 2 options


2. Using basic home equipment below:

  • Kettlebell (8-16kg)
  • Dumbbells (4-10kg)
  • Chin-up/dip bar
  • Box or step
  • Optional: skipping rope, barbell, medicine ball, cardio equipment (treadmill, stationary bike, rower)

The WOW sessions can be done using body weight only OR using the above basic home equipment.

How long are the exercise sessions?

HIIT: 12 – 30 mins (depending on your fitness level/time available)

WOW: 15 – 45 mins (depending on your fitness level/time available)

STRENGTH: 30 mins

YOGA: 30 mins


CORE: 10 mins

I am currently injured. Can I still do the Challenge?

Yes! Our Program is designed so you can do it ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME, regardless of your age, fitness level, location etc.

If you are injured in any way, you can modify or replace exercises OR you may have to focus entirely on the nutrition and MINDfit components.

Injuries and illness are a part of life, and something we need to deal with when implementing our healthy lifestyle. The SBF Challenge teaches you that there is always SOMETHING you can do to work towards your health and fitness goals.

You will be sent ALL your fitness training sessions and the fuel plan AT THE START of the Challenge. This way, if you do become sick or injured and don’t want to participate, you’ll have all the tools to pick up again at a later date.

I’m gluten intolerant, vegetarian, or have other allergies. Do you cater for this?

Yes! We offer meal plans:

  • Non-vegetarian (meat included)
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten free

OR following our Food Serves Guide where you choose the food you want to eat BUT it must be per our food serves guide.

We do not cater for individual intolerances or allergies. We always advise to seek individual dietary advice.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you are on a monthly membership you can cancel your membership at any time. Simply login in to your account on the SBF CREW HUB and cancel your subscription.

If you are on a weekly payment plan, this is a minimum 12 month membership. You can cancel your membership at any time after 12 months.

Please refer to the terms & conditions.

If you want something simple, less commercial and with a more personal touch...

“It’s basic, it’s simple and it’s achievable.”