SBF Wellness Weekend

DAY 1:

We drove up from Brisbane in the morning and arrived in absolute paradise…. otherwise known as: Zen Retreat Bargara.

The location, accommodation and furnishings can not be described adequately in words so here’s a few photos to give you an idea:

Just perfect!

After a quick resort tour (and the excitement had settled from everyone rummaging through their gift bags filled with sponsors goodies), it was off for a snappy beach walk and get to know everyone a bit better.

We had 22 girls for the weekend, which meant we had the entire resort to ourselves! (you can check out my Instagram Highlights for BTS videos of the weekend).

Thanks to Chobani we also had a fridge FULL of yogurt and thanks to Bargara Berries, a weekend supply of strawberries – so a healthy afternoon tea was all sorted 🙂

Then it was time for a spot of whale watching from our balcony!!! Yes there were whales at our back door stop!!!! And it gets better…..


Could this have been planned any better!!!!! Actually, no it couldn’t, because Kate (our events coordinator) has covered all bases… and then some.

Next it was dinner time and we were in for a treat here too.

Joey from Windmill Cafe Bargara whipped us up some delicious pad Thai, an array of salads, fish, vegetarian dishes ….. OMG it was all so good. It really made me think I need my own personal chef.

After dinner things got serious……

This weekend wasn’t just about

  • Wellness
  • Having fun
  • Eating good fuel (and wine for some)
  • Relaxing …

It was also about WINNING ☝???? 

First activity: Trivia Night.

Lots of laughs, especially from the winners: Team Deb’s Angels (obviously because they won). But there was also a little healthy competition developing.

At this point I thought it best to delegate the position of “Complaints Manager” to Ben.

He had one simple philosophy of dealing with all queries in relation to:

  • The allocation of points
  • Rules
  • Unfair advantages
  • False starts
  • Sabotaging
  • Sledging etc.

“Your complaint has been noted but will not be progressing any further”. 

Day 1 was amazing!

DAY 2:

Started off with Bargara parkrun which was beautiful! The locals certainly made us feel part of the family ????.

Paul the race director was AMAZING!!! What a great community event.

Next it was back to the Windmill Cafe Bargara for a well deserved:




Before a bit of free time.

Next on our itinerary was…


… and things got serious again.

We finished off with a little reflection exercise and then more free time until yoga in the afternoon.

For me this included:

✔️ Lunch.
✔️ Spa.
✔️ Organising stuff.

For others this included:

✔️ Massages.
✔️ Stand up paddle boarding.
✔️ Swimming in the magnesium pool.
✔️ Shopping.
✔️ Reading…….

We had THE BEST Yoga / meditation location:

on the grass, overlooking the water, listening to the waves, in the late afternoon sun…

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Dinner was served in the Bali Hut out the back (another beautiful spread thanks to Joey) and then it was time for more activities and presentations, since we had some girls needing to catch early planes the next morning.

After all the passion, enthusiasm, planning, organising etc. that Kate and I had put into the day’s itinerary, I’m pretty sure the highlight of the day was Ben’s spur of the moment decision to order gelato for everyone!

So many great memories, so many laughs, and another 10/10 day.

DAY 3:

My new goal in life is to wake up every morning to the sound of waves rolling in ????????.

There was no time to listen to that for long though as we had a 5.30am HIIT session to tackle, and it wasn’t going to tackle itself!

The grand finale of the session was a well deserved plunge into the pristine waters right in our very own back yard.

Absolutely magical ????

To top off the morning, it was back to The Windmill (we’re pretty much locals now so we can call it that) for another amazing breakfast and chat with our new friends.

Then it was time to go ☹️

Our weekend has been perfect!

From the full moon to the whales frolicking out the front to the beautiful accommodation, drumming with the locals, the parkrun course…. everything has been perfect.

Just one final thought I’d like to share….

The memories that stay with me forever are always created from the people I share experiences with.

We laughed, we learned, and we lived this weekend …. We REALLY lived.

We were reminded that life is a gift and there is no warm up, this is it!!!

It’s our choice how we decide to spend our time, who we decide to share it with and what we decide to do.

Thank you members. I feel so very grateful that we were able to share this experience together ????

**Check out more photos on my Instagram Stories: “sallybrouwerfitness

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