The healthiest packaged snacks (available at Coles and Woolworths)

In today’s fast-paced world, our busy lives often demand convenient solutions when it comes to snacking, and not everyone wants to prioritise time in the kitchen preparing their own snacks.

So if we are choosing to buy packaged snacks, what are the healthiest options?

Please join me for this live recording (22 mins) where I discuss what makes a snack “healthy” and what are the best options to choose.

Or for a brief outline, read on…

Things to consider:

  1. What are you trying to achieve from your diet? For example, are you trying to lose weight, gain muscle, lower your blood pressure or cholesterol, decrease inflammation or increase your calcium intake? Each of these goals may require a different nutritional approach.
  2. We need to consider the foods we eat over (at least) a 24hr period. One single snack will not provide all our nutritional requirements for a single day. For example one snack can’t be low in calories, high in protein, low in sugar, high in calcium, high in essential fats, low in cholesterol, high in energy, high in fibre etc.
  3. We need to be eating foods that are good for us AND that we enjoy so we continue eating these foods in the long term.
  4. Try to eat less processed foods as much as possible.

Snack requirements for weight loss:

The factors taken into consideration for the following snack recommendations are in accordance with our SBF Challenge snack recommendations.

  • Approx. 200 calories.
  • High in protein – minimum 10g.
  • Low in sugar – maximum 10g unless they contain fruit.
  • My personal opinion of taste.

This is a generic recommendation for people wanting to lose weight. For your individual recommendation please seek advice from your trusted health care professional.

Some of the items listed below marked with a * need to be consumed with additional food to adhere to the snack requirements above. Members, please refer to your Fuel Plans for these options.

These options are either available at Coles or Woolworths. It is not an exhaustive list.

Sweet snack recommendations:

Protein bars:

  • Quest: 60g bars – Caramel chocolate chunk, Cookies & cream, Peanut butter
  • Grenade: 60g bars – Lemon cheesecake, Caramel chaos, White chocolate cookie



  • Chobani: 150g pots – No sugar all flavours
  • YoPRO: 160g pots – all flavours

Savoury snack recommendations:

Woolworth’s brand Tuna & Quinoa Asian stylenot great to taste but still edible.

Woolworth’s brand Tuna & Beans Mexican Style

Coles brand Brown Rice & Quinoa with Peri Peri Tuna

Parkers mini pretzels 25g pkt*

The Happy Snack Company – all products*

Harvest Snaps: Original Salted 18g individual pkt *, Salt and Vinegar 18g individual pkt *, Sour Cream & Chives 18g individual pkt *, Baked Chickpea Crisps Sour Cream & Chives 18g individual pkt *

Cobbs: Sea Salt Popcorn 13g individual pkt * Most brands have similar nutritional content.

Jack Links Original Beef Jerky 50g pkt

Other recommendations:

  • Don’t drink your snacks – we want our digestive system to work for the energy!
  • Buy Australian owned brands where possible.
  • Snacks with the least ingredients are better.
  • SBF members: if you have specific packaged snacks you’d like me to look please contact me in our SBF CREW group.

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Anon: “I’m really happy with my progress and feeling so much better than when I started. Food prep and water intake has been great and the daily habits make all the difference.”

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