Meet Sally & The SBF Challenge

Hi I’m Sally Brouwer

Owner and creator of the award-winning “SBF Challenge” which has helped thousands of women achieve their health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

SBF Challenge - Sally Brouwer

How it all started:

I’ve been teaching and coaching health and fitness for 31 years as a:

In 2008, I narrowly survived a heart attack while discovering I was pregnant with triplets. Among the many positive outcomes of this significant lifestyle shift was the creation of the “SBF Challenge”.

In 2014 the results of the SBF Challenge earned me the esteemed “Australian Personal Trainer of the Year” award, confirming the effectiveness of the system!


How the SBF Challenge has evolved:

Recently SBF has undergone an evolution driven by both personal growth and the needs of our valued members.

Our focus has shifted towards addressing the distinct challenges encountered by menopausal women.