Meet Sally & The SBF Challenge

Hi I’m Sally Brouwer

Owner and creator of the award winning “SBF Challenge” which has helped thousands of people achieve their health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

I can help YOU get what you want!

SBF Challenge - Sally Brouwer
How it all started

Sally Brouwer & the SBF Challenge

I’ve been teaching and coaching health and fitness for 28 years as a:

In 2008 I survived a heart attack (almost) when told I was pregnant with triplets. One of the many wonderful outcomes of this huge lifestyle change was the creation of the “SBF Challenge”.

I had to construct a system where I could raise 3 babies, continue the work that I loved and regain my fitness…. FAST!

I needed to create:

And voila… the birth of the SBF Challenge.

In 2014 I was proud to receive the prestigious “Australian Personal Trainer of the year” award due to my accomplishments and results with the SBF Challenge, so we all know that the system works!

Sally Brouwer