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How to boost your metabolism

Please enjoy this 18 min live video recording where I give you 5 scientifically proven ways to boost your metabolism. Or you may prefer to read on for a brief overview: Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes going on continuously inside our body that allow life and normal functioning. Our Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of

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Choose Your Lens on Life:

I like to go to bed no later than 7.30pm but last night my son, Gus had an 8.40pm basketball game.

This throws my entire routine into chaos, not only for that night but also the day following.

I’m sleep-deprived, I can’t focus on my work, my training suffers and I’m just generally irritable….

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lips covered with sugar and a tongue licking the sugar

4 Steps to Stop Sugar Cravings

Science offers valuable insights into how we can control our cravings. By understanding the underlying mechanisms driving sugar cravings and adopting evidence-based strategies, we can pave the way for healthier eating habits and improved overall well-being.

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How many calories should I be eating?

If we want to maintain our current weight we need to have the same amount of calories as we’re burning each day. If we want to lose weight we need fewer calories each day. If we want to gain weight we need more calories each day. So how do we know how many calories we’re

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A self-evaluation to help with goal-setting for 2024

If you’re having trouble setting goals for 2024, the best place to start is with a self-evaluation and a review of the previous year. Here’s a 20 min live video explaining exactly how to do this: If you’d prefer not to watch the video, here’s a PDF to download and complete. I’d recommend setting aside

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YES!!! You can lose belly fat

Yes you can reduce fat from your belly and you have 2 options to choose from – both with pros and cons. Here is a 20 min live video where I discuss belly fat – how it got there, how to remove it and how to prevent it from coming back. If you don’t have

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48 tips to live a good life

I’ve compiled this list of short quotes as advice for myself on how to live a more successful and purposeful life. I hope you find some inspiration here too: Would you like to enjoy a better life? My 4 Week Challenges begin on the first Monday of every month:

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Menopause and weight loss

This is a 19 min mini workshop where I explain the 4 Steps you can take to ensure you don’t gain weight during peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. If you don’t have 19 mins to spare, here they are: Would you like me to help YOU reach your health and fitness goals?

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Why we need to celebrate Father’s Day more often

My kids first school Father’s Day will go down as one of the best days of my life!

They were 5 years old at this stage and life was pretty hectic – not for them, they were living the dream, but for both Ben and I.

We were exhausted, as any parents are with young kids, and in desperate need of some time off…

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5 Steps to Lose Weight with Mindful Eating

In the busyness of our daily lives, mealtime is often reduced to a hurried task squeezed between appointments and responsibilities. We grab meals on the go, multitask while eating, and rarely take a moment to truly appreciate the fuel our bodies receive.

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