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48 tips to live a good life

I’ve compiled this list of short quotes as advice for myself on how to live a more successful and purposeful life. I hope you find some inspiration here too: Would you like to enjoy a better life? My 4 Week Challenges begin on the first Monday of every month:

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Menopause and weight loss

This is a 19 min mini workshop where I explain the 4 Steps you can take to ensure you don’t gain weight during peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. If you don’t have 19 mins to spare, here they are: Would you like me to help YOU reach your health and fitness goals?

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5 Steps to Lose Weight with Mindful Eating

In the busyness of our daily lives, mealtime is often reduced to a hurried task squeezed between appointments and responsibilities. We grab meals on the go, multitask while eating, and rarely take a moment to truly appreciate the fuel our bodies receive.

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3 Tools to Practice Delayed Gratification

Delayed gratification is delaying an impulse for an immediate reward (like eating junk food) to receive a more favourable reward later (like losing 5kg). It is a timeless skill that holds the key to personal growth, self-discipline, and long-term success.

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How To Create Your Bucket List

Imagine having your very own personalised roadmap, leading you towards a life brimming with unforgettable adventures, enriching experiences, and transformative challenges for personal growth.

The first question to ask ourselves is…

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Photo of a heap of junk food on a set of scales saying "HELP". A tape measure is entwined around the junk food.

8 Crucial Steps to Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating is characterised by: Excessive food consumption. Loss of control. Rapid eating. Using eating as a coping mechanism. Feelings of guilt and shame. Binge eaters feel driven to eat even when they’re not hungry and find it challenging to stop or control their eating behaviour.

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A female person running on grass overlayed with a hand holding an alarm clock and another image of a female flexing her biceps

2 Steps to get motivated this winter

Winter can be challenging when it comes to maintaining motivation.

The cold weather, shorter days, EOFY, family responsibilities and work stress can easily derail even the most determined amongst us.

But fear not! With the right strategies and mindset, we can conquer the winter blues and stay motivated to achieve our goals.

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What to do when you fall off the wagon

It’s not uncommon to fall off the wagon when trying to make healthy lifestyle changes. Whether it’s indulging in unhealthy foods or skipping workouts, slipping up can be discouraging. However, it’s important to remember that one setback doesn’t define your journey to better health. The key is acknowledging the slip-up, learning from it, and getting

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Stop yo-yo dieting forever!

Here’s why people commonly fail on diets or weight loss regimes, and get caught up in a cycle of yo-yo dieting: They don’t enjoy the plan / program, or They rely on external sources to keep motivated, or They set unrealistic standards, or They focus on long term goals rather than daily habits. Obviously this

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Simple steps to improve your posture

Good posture prevents excessive strain on muscles and joints, which in turn will help reduce pain and minimise the risk of injury. Good posture also helps to improve self confidence, fatigue, balance, circulation and digestion, core strength, lung capacity… to name just a few. In this video I explain simple exercises that we can do

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How to find an accountability buddy

An accountability buddy is someone who’s going to help keep you focused and on track to achieving your goals. Unless you’re paying someone, this will be a mutually beneficial partnership where you both help each other with: Regular check ins. Honest feedback. Suggestions and advice. Motivation. If that sounds like something you want, let’s talk

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Accountability tools to improve your consistency

We can have the greatest scientifically balanced fitness program or nutritionally sound diet plan in the world, however if we don’t take action it does nothing! What you DO is what you become. Not what you think, not what you aspire to, not what you wish for… what you do on a consistent basis. So

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