Why is nutrition so important?

Our base female fuel plans start at 1600 calories. However, we recognise that individual caloric needs vary based on factors such as age, activity level, and specific goals.

To tailor your plan accurately, we invite you to complete our online form, which will determine the additional calories required to meet your specific goals.

All fuel plans have been created in consultation with our SBF registered dietician/sports physiologist Peita Hynes, and in accordance with Australian dietary recommendations.

You’ll receive one fuel plan for the month which allows you to cook meals and snacks in bulk and freeze for the entire 4 weeks!

Fuel Plan Options

All fuel plans include a specific shopping list

Each fuel plan contains:

Have a look at a selection of free recipes from the catalogue.

Make it yours

What works for you

You have the option of sticking with these meals for the month.

Swapping some recipes for alternatives in the SBF Catalogue.

Using your own recipes in accordance with our specific "Fuel Serves Guide"