Support Network

I guarantee that our SBF CREW FB group is the most supportive online network you’ll ever experience!

Every morning (before 4am) I post a MINDFIT question or task to our FB group.

I want you in a positive mindset, pumped and ready to conquer the next 24 hours…. If you win the morning, you win the day!

And I want to hear back from you!

Tell me what you’re going to accomplish for the day, share a selfie after your workout, ask questions, offer solutions….. This is YOUR group and I want to motivate, inspire, and support you to achieve your goal.

SBF Challenge Crew & Support Network
How it Works

SBF CREW Facebook Group

The FB group operates like an app and you will have access to all your resources here:

The Friday prior to each week you will also receive an email outlining:

SBF Challenge Crew

These topics will be discussed further in the Sunday night Live CREW Chat.

The Live CREW Chats are scheduled for 6.30pm (Qld time) on Sunday nights and are generally 15 mins…. Unless I get carried away with a good story. This is where I discuss the information in your newsletter as well as other topics that have come up during the week. I’m also happy to answer any questions and want you to participate in the conversation.

If you can’t watch live, the video will be saved to the FB group and you can tune in whenever suits you.

Some of our members love sharing their journey and are very interactive amongst the group, while others prefer to be more private. You decide what works best for you.


You can’t hide! We’ll track you down by either phone, email, messenger, post (or other ways that we can’t divulge) because:


Our members are the heart and soul of SBF and no-one gets left behind. 

Make the Most of The Group

How to use the SBF Challenge Facebook Group

Overview of how the Facebook Group works so you can get the most out of the Challenge.

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