“I’m going out the front to play”


This was a common phrase when my kids were little as they enthusiastically raced off to meet their neighbourhood buddies.

Then they’d stay out until it got dark and had to come back in for dinner… or someone got into trouble and had to go home … or someone stacked their bike, scooter, skateboard, fell out of a tree etc and required medical attention.

School holidays meant you either had 10 kids racing around your house eating all your food, leaving wet towels strewn across the backyard and using a new cup every time they wanted a sip of water…

Or it was eerily silent and you had no idea where any of them were.

And it did cross your mind that you should probably check with the other neighbours, but it was just too damn good not having them around.

So you would make sure you were a good parent and note down what they were last seen wearing – just in case they were in fact missing.

“Going out the front to play” was exciting!

So the other week when some of us mums arranged to catch up out the front I was excited too!

As I was heading out the front door I yelled: “I’m going out the front to play”… and everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at me:

Kid 1: With who?

Me: My friends ????

Kid 2: What friends?

Ben: HAHAHAHAHAHA the old ducks are going out the front for a gossip.

Kid 3: Oh god mum what are you going to do out there?

Anyone want to join me for a long weekend away from their family?

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