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Choose Your Lens on Life:

I like to go to bed no later than 7.30pm but last night my son, Gus had an 8.40pm basketball game.

This throws my entire routine into chaos, not only for that night but also the day following.

I’m sleep-deprived, I can’t focus on my work, my training suffers and I’m just generally irritable….

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Why we need to celebrate Father’s Day more often

My kids first school Father’s Day will go down as one of the best days of my life!

They were 5 years old at this stage and life was pretty hectic – not for them, they were living the dream, but for both Ben and I.

We were exhausted, as any parents are with young kids, and in desperate need of some time off…

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“I’m going out the front to play”

This was a common phrase when my kids were little as they enthusiastically raced off to meet their neighbourhood buddies.

Then they’d stay out until it got dark and had to come back in for dinner… or someone got into trouble and had to go home … or someone stacked their bike, scooter, skateboard, fell out of a tree etc and required medical attention.

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cartoon image of a penguin looking annoyed

Comparison is the thief of joy

Last night I was trying to teach my kids the value of self-worth and why you shouldn’t compare your achievements to others… You know, the whole: “Comparison is the thief of joy” idea that is nigh on impossible to implement in the real world. This came about after one of my kids was dirty because

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lady wearing a checkered shirt and hat, hanging out a car window waving with a big grin on her face

A waving misadventure: When directions and waves collide

Every Saturday as Ben and I are driving back from training, we pass an intellectually impaired man (I’m assuming) who sits at the side of the road with (who appears to be) his carer by his side. This man enthusiastically waves every time a car passes, and so as we approach I wind down my

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Can life really be this easy?

I love that my ASD super-powered teenager doesn’t give a crap about what people think of her. A lot of people SAY they don’t care … but deep down we really do. However she honestly does not! For instance, she rarely looks at herself in the mirror because in her words: “I know I look

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Discovering my superpower

Stopped at traffic lights this morning my 14 yo says: “Oh there’s Cohen, I haven’t seen him for ages.” So I say: “Why don’t you yell out to him then?” And he says: “Nah s’all good.” So I say (winding down the window): “Well I’ll say g’day to him then.” And I see a horrified

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Joys of the teenage years

This year marks the date that I’ve been teaching fitness for 30 years!!! Which holds ZERO importance to my daughter who came home from school recently all excited because her Japanese teacher showed her how to lunge correctly. I now want to meet this enigma of a woman as I have compiled a list of

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Citizen of the year…

“You’ve been nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for Citizen of the Year…” I stop reading and check the name and address to make sure I haven’t accidentally opened someone else’s mail. Nope it def says my name, so I keep on reading. And then I re read the letter … three more times. You

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How to become a billionaire

Over dinner tonight one of my 13 year old children came out with: “At school the other day I asked this Year 7 kid what the time was… And he had on like, an Apple Watch, and yeah so when he flipped his wrist it came on with like an old watch face… Like, you

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This is living

I was making my famous (by my standards) chicken and zucchini soup the other day and thought I’d be a good mother and get everyone some crusty bread to go with it. Off I went to the supermarket… Then as I was looking around the bread section, praising myself for being so considerate of others,

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